🎮 TonTon Inu Fan Token

Welcome to the TonTon Inu Fan Token whitepaper! We are excited to introduce an exciting new initiative in the world of cryptocurrencies, bringing a unique and fun approach inspired by the iconic cartoon of the same name.

🏁 RoadMap

The creation and development of the TonTon Inu token are at the heart of the project's ecosystem. This process involves careful planning, technical expertise, and a commitment to realizing the project's vision of a vibrant and user-centric meme-themed blockchain ecosystem.

Phase 1
Contract Deployment
Website & Whitepaper launch
Social Media start
Community Building
Whitelist BSC
Huge Marketing start
Stealth-launch on PancakeSwap
Achieve PUMP 20x
1st CEX announcement
Phase 2
CG & CMC Listings
Listing on
Partnership with Lovely Wallet
Partnership with Sphynx Labs
2nd CEX announcement
New viral Marketing Plan for Hype
Twitter Kols Partnerships
Press Release & Article Blitz
Stage 3
3rd CEX announcement
DAO start
Community Enhancement
Community Collaboration & Strategy Session
Trending List & Ad Buys
Launchpad ann
Viral Twitter Contest & Twiter Spaces Event

$PIG Faucet

In the near future, the TonTon Inu ecosystem will introduce the PIG Faucet, a delightful feature designed to engage our community and reward our MBI token holders.

Free $PIG Tokens

Scheduled Distributions

Community Participation

Rewards and Incentives

Encouraging Engagement

Transparency and Fairness


Pedro Thiago Zanfrilli


development by Pedro Zanfrilli